Garbage Pail Kids: The Animated Series is a video-game based off of the popular cartoon. The story mode of the game centers around Adam Bomb and Savage Stuart on a quest to get their "Live Mike World Tour" tickets back from Adam Boom. Along the way they collect GPK cards and meet other Garbage Pail Kids who either join them on their quest or try to stop them. The 3DS, PC, and PS3 versions feature a "GPK Generator" where you can make custom GPKs. The Wii U and DS versions feature mini-games instead.

Story ModeEdit

Adam Bomb (Adam Boom's split personality) has bought the last two concert tickets for Live Mike's World Tour. He shows them to Savage Stuart, but Greaser Greg and Ali Gator mug them, take the tickets, and bring them back to Adam Boom. Adam Bomb and Savage Stuart get on the Spew York subway train to get to Boom's hideout. But Sumo Sid, Bustin' Dustin, and Lizard Liz attack the subway. Adam and Stuart have to get through some thugs to get to Bustin' Dustin, who is easy to defeat. Next, they have to get through a few death traps defeat Sumo Sid. Finally, they have to fight off some giant reptiles (including a few Ali Gator lookalikes) to get to Lizard Liz. After defeating Liz, they decide to get off the damaged subway train.