Where Are They Now? Series 1 is the first series made up of only Where Are They Now? cards. The cards started during the second season of Garbage Pail Kids: The Animated Series. On the back of each card was either a mini comic, a bonus sticker, or a code to enter on the GPKTAS website to see a bous episode. When Where Are They Now? series 2 started, instead of having bonus episode codes it had bonus stickers of certain GPKs as they appear in the movie. Series 3 was cancelled, so instead the series 1 WATN cards were released along with GPKTAS cards in Garbage Pail Kids Television Cards series 1.


  1. Savage Stuart
  2. Sloshed Josh
  3. Foul Phil
  4. Adam Boom
  5. Grim Jim
  6. Jelly Kelly
  7. Dinah Saur
  8. Messy Mario
  9. Jay Decay
  10. Haunted Forrest